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The Human Theatre Company Presents
"An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night"
It is a play about secrets so well hidden, so intense, the best way to keep them... is to forget.

Photos by Jason Smith

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A play written by Amy Marschak

This one-woman play performed and written by Amy Marschak, will take you on a journey through one girl's life, her optimism, her secret and her striving past odds, all stacked against her.

    The secret is incest.
    The girl is me.
    And the courage is mine 
    and so many others who have survived.  
    -Amy Marschak

  • Held-over at Edmonton Fringe Festival
  • Extended into 4th Month in Los Angeles
  • Toured UCLA, USC and the University of Colorado
  • Highest Attended Drama at Festivals

A pinnacle of theatre.  A reflection of life.  A renewal of hope.  A play so well done and so honest, you will be thinking about it long after the curtain closes.

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-Edmonton Journal, Vue Magazine, See Magazine

"Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre."
-Rob Becker, "Defending the Caveman"

Brilliant!  I had a lump in my throat the entire time."
-Sunday Telegraph

Two Thumbs up!  Gladly would I give a better review, but that I had more thumbs!"
-E-mail review

"Strong accessible presence and charismatic grace..."
-Back Stage West

"This play is a gift in all respects" 
-Vue Magazine

A solo show about incest, you're thinking: Urrgh- squirm -time, WRONG!  This is funny (yes, funny), touching, insightful... Amy Marschak does a materful job, especially portraying her younger self, (the little girl voice we hear at the beginning of the play is amazing), and I never missed seeing other people on stage.
-www.eye.finge, Tina McCulloch



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