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Amy Marschak has been writing plays since she was in second grade.  Her first play, "The Bad Cherry" was inspired by her father when he bit into a bad cherry and spit it out the window of his moving car.  This 'bad cherry' wound up flying into the face of an innocent pedestrian.  While this was quite unlucky for the pedestrian, it did begin Amy's playwriting career.  Though this play was never produced due to the perfectionist spirit of the second grader, it did give her much to practice.  

When Amy reached Paris at the age twenty-two, her play "Subway" was produced and was extraordinarily  well received.  Then, after a stop in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, she moved to Boulder, Colorado and began The Human Theatre Company with a play she workshopped called "Ask Me How I Feel."  She has since written; "Tears From My Heart" and "an Angel Cried A Tear Last Night."  All three of these plays have received critical as well as audience acclaim.  She has also written a poetry book called "Poetry For All Those Breathing" which is in its fifth printing.  Her most recent play co-written by Don Tapia is "Angels and Other Love Stories," is her first comedy and was also quite well received.

Previous Works
An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night
Ask Me How I Feel
Tears From My Heart
Angels and Other Love Stories
Poetry For All Those Breathing
Millicent the Mouse
Looks For A Key To Happiness
The Money Tree

Written, Directed, Produce

  • Angels and Other Love Stories: A Romantic Dinner Comedy (director, writer, producer) Oxford Hotel, Denver, Mayflower Park Hotel, Seattle. An environmental comedy about odd things people do in relationships and romance.
  • An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night (writer, act) Orlando, FL, Boulder, CO, Winnipeg, MB, Victoria, BC, Edmonton, AB, St. John's, NF, Kelowna, BC, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA., Joshua Tree, CA, Toronto, ON, A play about sexual abuse and healing. 
  • Subway (writer, director, producer) Paris, France. A play about different scenes that occur on a New York City subway car.

  • Why Me? (co-writer) Los Angeles, CA. Interviewed kids in juvenile halls, halfway houses and housing projects about their experiences with gangs and helped rewrite script.

  • Ask Me How I Feel (director, writer, producer, act) San Francisco, CA, Orlando, FL, Boulder, CO, Carbondale, CO. Created play about people's journeys back to themselves. 

  • Tears from My Heart: A Memorial to My Lost Works (director, writer, producer, act) Boulder, CO, Wiinpeg, MB. A play created in memorial to thousands of pages of my scripts, poetry and stories which were destroyed.

  •  Poetry For All Those Breathing (write) Collection of my poetry. Currently in fifth printing.

  •  Millicent the Mouse Looks for the Key to Happiness (write) Children's book.

  • The Money Tree (write) Children's book.

  • On the Streets (director) NYC, NY. Shot footage of Eugene, a homeless man who washed car windows.

  • Berlin in Lights (producer) Limelight and Village Gate, NYC, NY. A musical review of original German Cabaret acts such as those seen in the movie "Cabaret".

Workshops And Talks

  • Self Discovery Through Theatre of Honesty (create, lead) Larkin Street Youth Center, San Francisco, CA., Salvation Army Drug Rehab, San Francisco, Englewood High School, Orlando, and other institutions.
  • Healing From Abuse (created, lead)   University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Hadassah, Beverly Hills, CA, Cypress College, Santa Ana, CA, LA Free Clinic, Los Angeles, CA, Market Street Books, Seattle, WA.,UCLA, USC.
  • Ask Me How I Feel (scene development, directed) Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale, CO.
  • Scene Study Workshop (create, lead) San Ramone High School, Danville, CA.
  • Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Club (Sailing and Kayaking Instructor) Seattle, WA.

Public Relations Campaign

  • Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign (Corporate Clean-Up Crew) National Tour.  Media relations, lead rallies, house parties and political theatre.

  • Jonathan Hager (PR) Boulder, CO. Boulder City Council elections.

Organizations Play Toured

  • University of Colorado, USC, UCLA, Pierce Valley College Hillel, Rocky Mountain School, LA Free Clinic.


  • TOP Picks of Fringe, -CBC- Winnipeg,

  • Awarded Edmonton Fringe Festival (Largest Festival in North America)

  • Network Theatre Extension, Pick of the Fringe, -Edmonton Journal.

  • We Recommend, -LA Weekly.


  • WLUW (radio news staff) Chicago, IL.

  • Numerous radio interviews about Plays on stations throughout Canada and the USA.


  • First Cut (interview) San Francisco, CA. KRON Channel 4. Discussed "Ask Me How I Feel."

  • TV interviews in Seattle, Colorado, Edmonton and Kelowna.


  • The President's Weak End (Fran Spear) The Improv, Santa Monica, CA. A benefit for ADA directed by Judy Chaiken, with Ed Asner, Diane Ladd and Jim Morris.

  • Reunion (Rachel) NYC, NY. Performed at public high schools and discussed after respect for the different.

  • Ishi (little Ishah) Museum of Natural History, Chicago. A play about Ishi the last Yahi Indian.

  • Bintel Brief (Rachel) Chicago, IL. A play about the problems of Jewish immigrants.


  • National High School Institute (Cherubs) Northwestern University, Evanston. IL.

  • Piven Theatre Workshop (Improvisational story telling) Bum and Joyce Piven, Evanston, IL.

  • New York University (drama and film) Circle-in-the-Square and Experimental Theatre Wing, NYC, NY and Paris, France. Sight and Sound Production and Documentaries.

  • Notable Teachers: David Mamet Anne Bogart, George Stoney, Nick Tanis, Liz Swados, Evangeline Morphos, and Ed Kaye-Martin.


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