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Internal Serenity for External PeaceHonor yourself.

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As with everything, please listen to your intuition.
No matter how educated or how sure the person you are speaking to thinks that they are right,
Please remember that if it feels wrong, it probably is.

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Support Groups and Services

"The problem that I have found with many groups is the acceptance of anti-depressants as a form of treatment.
In my home town, we actually started our own drug-free group because of this belief.  This is by no means a complete list of services, but it is a place to begin.
I have not used all of these support groups, so I cannot endorse their services."
-Amy Marschak

1800 656-HOPE (24 hour crises line)

International Resources

Child Help
1-800-4ACHILD (English and Multi-Lingual 24 Crisis Line for US & Canada)

Alternative Healing Techniques & Problems with Presciption Drugs

Excellent Healing Technique:

Yoga  (Yoga helps people get centered in their bodies.   Find the yoga that works for you.)

Article about Problems with Anti-depressants and Anti-Psychotics:

Dr. Loren Mosher's Study on Healing Schizophrenia Without Drugs:

Dr. Loren Mosher's Homepage with Many Excellent Articles on Prescription Drugs and Alternatives:

Support Books & Tapes

The Artist's Way.  Julia Cameron.  (Great for taking care of the inner child).

Clearing Your Past (Audio download).  Lynne D. Finney, JD, M.S.W.   Soundstrue Download Link

Courage to Heal Workbook.    Ellen Bass, Laura Davis.  (Incest).

Cure by Crying.  Thomas Stone.

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.   Jane R. Hirschman.

Talking Back to Prozac.  Peter Breggin. 

Toxic Psychiatry:  Psychiatrist's Assault on the Brain with Drugs and Electroshock.  Peter Breggin. 

Your Drugs Could Be Your Problem.  (Problems with anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.)  Peter Breggin.

Prozac Backlash.    Dr. Glenmullen    Article from Dr. Glenmullen & Excerpts From Book

Repressed Memories.    Renee Frederickson. 

Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest and Other Child Sexual Abuse.    Mike Lew and Ellen Bass.


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