Amy Marschak, the playwright and actress in "An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night" has been named as The North Pole Poet Laureate, Santa's Official Poet! To have her perform personalized improv Christmas poems and tell stories from the North Pole virtually, through Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or your favorite platform go to VirtualHolidayParties.org or if you would like her to perform a virtual poetry-gram (like a singing telegram but with personalised improv poetry) for birthdays and other special occasions go to VirtualBirthdayParty.org.

Press and Audience Reviews and Achievements


-Edmonton Journal, Vue Magazine, See Magazine


"Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre." -Rob Becker, "Defending the Caveman"

Brilliant! I had a lump in my throat the entire time." -Sunday Telegraph

"Strong accessible presence and charismatic grace..." -Back Stage West

"This play is a gift in all respects" -Vue Magazine


* Held-over at Edmonton Fringe Festival

* Extended into 4th Month in Los Angeles

* Toured UCLA, USC and the University of Colorado

* Highest Attended Drama at Festivals


I haven’t seen such a purely powerful performance in years! It’s rare for a piece to convey true understanding about a topic most of us would consider foreign. This one does it! Two thumbs up! ‘Gladly would I give it a better review, but that I had more thumbs.’” -Rodger

An Angel Cried Tear A Tear Last Night“...is a journey through a girl’s life, a girl with a secret so deep and dark she thinks she must be insane. “I must be crazy. My dad won’t do that to me.” She’s a little girl who fears growing old, not for all the conventional reasons, but because she hates what adults do. A little girl who tries to disappear into the wrinkles of blankets and the rainbow reflections of raindrops on a window...

Marschak’s gradual piercing of that fog, and the slow summoning of courage to confront the secret, is portrayed with searing honesty and wrenching compassion. It’s brilliant must-see acting.” -Edmonton Journal

Subject: Very Sensitive, Very Strong! Acting: Excellent.” -KAM

A solo show about incest, you're thinking: Urrgh- squirm -time, WRONG! This is funny (yes, funny), touching, insightful... Amy Marschak does a materful job, especially portraying her younger self, (the little girl voice we hear at the beginning of the play is amazing), and I never missed seeing other people on stage.”-www.eye.finge, Tina McCulloch

Thank you for reaching into my heart, out to me.” -Ruta

I really loved the play. It helped me understand and really relate to your life. I was brought here on my 14th birthday and it helped me think back and remember the things I wanted so bad to remember but couldn’t. Thank you soooo very much.” -Anonymous

Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for helping me raise awareness and spread the word to survivors.”-Linda Hanniel

Thank you for such a truthful, unreserved presentation of what as happened to so many people, great show.”-DWD

Your production is absolutelywonderful!!...” -Gigi

An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night” was beautifully written and acted...” - G.S.

I think it was amazing! -Mia Feuer

That as great. Thanks!” -Dustin Rassin

Great show, it was really touching. Its great of you to share your story. It inspires other people to tell their stories.” -Aleks Sokal

We applaud you for speaking out- do you realize how much that helps others do their own speaking out? Very moving, powerful and healing. You are an excellent actress.” -Pam Kempers

This is a very powerful play!...” -Andrea Kempers

This was a very wonderful play. I could really relate to some of the emotions.” Vanessa Bowler

Great work! Someone told me before the play that it must have been hard for you to put this together. But I know you enough to say that I think it would have been harder for you to keep it silent. I admire your courage...some days your my hero. This is one of those days.” -Julius Dahne

You are a wonderful actor...” - Mary Jean Riddle

I saw you and your company last time you played the Fringe here in Orlando. Each time I admired your honesty and was touched deeply.” -Mark Smith

Wonderful job. You’re healing people.” -Marlan Patterson

Your play was full of life, hope and meaning for me. My life has been different but some of the feelings were right on target.” -Larry

A very powerful piece...” -Tina L. Hayer

I loved sharing of something in such a way that moved me both personally and professionally...” -Jetiscode

...Strong writing, extraordinary acting...” -Rodger Smith

Wonderful performance, You’re very brave.” Elayna

Wow! Very powerful, thanks for a great performance.” Stacy Reinner

I commend your courage. Thanks for a great performance.” Dani de Jesus

That was a spectacular and moving performance. Thank you.” Carla Webster

I loved you. You are a tremendous talent. A damn good job.” George

I was so moved and inspired by your play, and for your views on your on recovery so expressed in your program...” Chris McNamara

It was so awesome. thanks so much to what you have brought to my life.” -May D.

Excellent!” -Rick G.

Really loved it! Awesome insight and real emotions...” -C. Covington

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so good to see that other people go through similar things, especially the stuff you feel guilty about...” -Gilia

Fabulous! Excellent writing and acting! Very moving and inspiring...” -Nici

Powerful play. Wow” -Gary Noch

I think you’re a wonderful consumate pro-acting
An insightful, wise writer
Profound poet.
You did a great thing and I am sure you will continue helping people in this world.
You’re a positive force...”
-Debbie David

Beautiful and moving performance. Thank you.” -Heidi Gonshack

Great show!” -Tom Skices

Wonderful” -Sally K.

You are fantastic!...” -Arlene S.

What a great play. It opened my eyes...” -Robert Clark

A lump in my throat from the truth you portrayed within the words of your performance...” -L. Townsend

Really enjoyed it. Great actress. Quite moving. Thought provoking.” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Very powerful.” St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Excellent! Very well written and performed. Use of stage and lighting very interesting. BRAVO!!!” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Thanks Amy for your courage & Commitment to doing a play like this. It was fantastic!” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Raw, inspirational, vulnerable...compelling autobiographical performance. Bravo!” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Very well done. Excellent acting. Interesting use of lighting, blocking and exits.” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Powerful. Raw emotion. Thank you for sharing your story with us.” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Brave, compelling, honest. Please keep acting.” -St. John’s Fringe Audience Review

Brutally honest performance. Very moving.” -A. Lausulo

...Your performance and story line was excellent.” -Ruth and Arlene

You are beautiful, talented and so special. Thank you for sharing your story. It definitely needs to be shared to open people’s eyes.” -Anita

Breathtaking performance!” -I. Zell (actor)

So moving. My friends have a daughter abused by a neighbor. I could ‘I.D.’” -Meil

Merci for your courage to share and break your ‘craziness’ – now I don’t feel so ‘crazy’ anymore.” -Tracy

A very strong and emotionally moving piece! Great performance.” -Bernie and Marlene Waviglass

I really enjoyed your performance. I liked your different voices – very impressive! A very entertaining and touching show. Thank you.” -Melissa Bender

Loved your play. Thank you for sharing...” Barbara F.

Powerfully moving- thanks for being so open and brave and giving “us” a voice!” -Marty

It was so moving, such strength – it has given me much to think about – all those memories tucked so deep. Thank you.” -Kathy J.

Thank you so much, I know I am not alone. You have helped me in my recovery.” Betty K.

I never had the strength to confront my parents. The pain is the same though. You have helped me soooo... much. I have the strength now to have a voice!” -Terri


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