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All Books & DVDs are Written & Performed by Amy Marschak

DVD of "An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night"
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This is a DVD of a live performance of Amy Marschak doing her play
"An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night".

In this performance you will see her portray sixteen different characters.

Poetry Book
"Poetry for All Those Breathing" $14.95

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"Poetry for All Those Breathing" is celebrating its 7th printing
which is amazing for a poetry colletion. It has inspired many to start writing again.
Many who own this book read it for inspiration.

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| "Sometimes" | "Untitled" "Listening to the Radio" |

Script of "An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night" $6.00

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Script of "Angels and Other Love Stories" $7.50

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"Very funny. Well written."-Jason Beres, Raft Guide

"...I normally don't like plays but I went because my girlfriend wanted me to go. But it turned out to be really funny. It was great. I was actually glad I went!
-CU Student, dragged to play by girlfriend

Picture a dinner theatre that you are immersed in. Not only do you get little tidbits of chocolate truffle cake and tantalizing meats with exotic sauces (if you still are a carnivore) but you also come to find that many of the tables around you are actually the stage and the girl who walks in screaming for the five star Valentine's dinner is actually Ruby Munsen, who is about to break up with her boyfriend, Matt, of five years over an internet squabble and then they will both proceed hell.
This dating hell will be narrated by Henry and Harriet, Ruby's grandparents who have been married longer than anyone can seem to remember.

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